Oktober 16, 2021


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Belajar Bahasa Inggris: Simoang Lima Gumul Monument

Simpang Lima Gumul Monument or SLG is a build becomes Kediri icon and the form like Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Perancis. Simpang Lima Gumul was built on 2003 years and formalized on 2008 years. Severally source said that the monument stood because got inspiration from Jongko Jojoboyo, the king of Kediri Kingdom the 12th century who want to united five regions in Kediri. In side monument there are reliefs who had drawn about Kediri’s history until Kediri’s art and Kediri’s culture. In one of monument corner any Ganesha’s satue. Ganesha’s statue is one of God was worshipped (‘we:syip) with title God is science(saiens) and intelligence, God is protector, and the other.
Beside as icon, now Simpang Lima Gumul Monument become economy center and Central Business District in Kediri. Simpang Lima Gumul Monument lie at strategic area and provided with some common medium like convention hall, multipurpose hall, recreation place like Water Park Gumul Pradise Island.

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