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Belajar Bahasa Inggris: Showing Care and Compliment

Showing Care :

A : Sorry to hear that a robber broke into your house last night
B : Thank you
A : May I know what he took?
B : Thank God, he didn’t take anything, only made a mess in my house. I think he couldn’t find the my money and jewelries
A : So, you’re still traumatic
B : Yes, but I feel a bit better now
A : I think time will heal
B : I hope so

A : hey, i heard that your grandma has passed away, is that true ?
B : yeah, it’s true
A : i’m really sorry for your lost, you must be very upset
B : thank’s a lot, but it’s god will i suppose

Compliment  :

A : Hey, you looked great at the drama performance last night!
B : Thank you
A : How long did you prepare for it?
B : About 2 months
A : Who guided you?
B : Mrs. Rara. She trained us patiently and worked hard to make the performance a success
A : You’re right! I could tell that all the characters played very well
B : Thank you

A : look at your new shoes ? where did you bought it ?
B : in the mall, why ?
A : it’s such an awesome shoes, i hope i can have it too
B : oh thank you, you’ll get it someday

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