Oktober 20, 2021


Tulisanmu Suaraku Suaramu Suara Kita

Belajar Bahasa Inggris: Promosi Produk Makanan

I am standing in front of you all. I want to tell you about my product. This is a new product. I think all people never find my product anywhere. My product is nugget from vegetable. This product is very healthy. Because we can get benefit from vitamin contain in vegetable. I also make sauce from vegetable juice and fiber had filtered then mix in nugget dough. Besided that, I also make nugget from tofu. This product also is not defeat with nugget from vegetable. The dough also not far difference with nugget from vegetable. Just only, nugget from tofu completed with sauce from rujak. And into nugget from tofu and vegetable, there are many chicken flash, carrot, and sausage. You also don’t be afraid if your hand will be dirty when you eat my product. Because my product has completed with stick ice cream to prop nugget. You also can add mayonise and sauce has been ready. This nugget is very delicious and healthy. You must prove it by yourself.

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