Oktober 25, 2021


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Belajar Bahasa Inggris: Little Star From Paper

This is a simple object. It object often despise by many people. Althought it is a master piece and can be motivation to take our wish. This is a star from paper. I think, star is a shine object mark a wish. If we have star, that is mean we have wish or aspiration. We must be able take it. I save many stars from paper in my bedroom. It is as mark my wish. If I can get my wish I will draw smile in it star. It is as mark that I have success get my wish. Maybe you can practice it. This activity can make you be more spirit to take your wish or aspiration. You must make many star from paper because your wish are never limited.

Trick make a star:
Make a strip
Now, we make knot in near one of tip, like in this picture.
Please, flat tip like in this picture
Now we will start fold or wrapped up.
And now when to puff star.

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